and I'm deeply inolved in improving personal efficiency for managers and professional experts, who need to do more at less expense of time and stress, thus helping them in reclaiming their overworked, lost lives.



Do you live to work or work to live? Our time is finite on this Earth, which makes it our most precious personal asset. Do not overspend it in places that are not high priority for you. Discover the Blueprint is about taking control and regaining your clarity of action. And the hours that you're going to save using this method, you may invest wherever you want.

Discover the Blueprint is a change of rules necessary for top performers who need to be engaged at 100%.

You are where you are thanks to your exceptional skills and competencies. Don't lose them, keep them constantly at the highest level.



Coach experienced in delivering multinational projects from three different worlds: manufacturing, business and sport. Familiar with global initiatives covering all time zones and six continents. He specialises in functional food and nutrition, as well as kettlebell training based on SFG's Hardstyle method with additional elements of chiropractic. Both, his engineering love for constant improvement and fascination with the functioning of the human body resulted in the idea of Bleuprint. Proud citizen of Wrocław, Poland.

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